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Michael Jons' Psychic Cabaret

Sun, Aug 06 - 5:00 pm

Regular Price: $59

Goldstar Price: $36

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Michael Jons is a kind of expert safe-cracker -- but instead of bank vaults, he manages to break inside something far more secure: the human brain. Any doubters need only attend his brilliant new show, Psychic Cabaret. During this lightning-paced performance, Jons astonishes the audience with his Sherlockian style of people-reading, his Svengali-like powers to persuade and, of course, his incredible ability to seemingly read the thoughts of total strangers. But the show's highlight is the dazzling variety of psychic readings that Jons does, instantly and memorably, for lucky spectators. Be there for what NewTimes declared "one of the best date nights of all time."

Event Location

Eno Wine Bar 2810 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC 20007

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