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Comedian Drew Michael ("SNL", Comedy Central and "The Carmichael Show")

Fri, Jan 26 - 7:00 pm

Full Price: $20

Discount Price: $10

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Woebegotten cosmic traveler. Societal spectator. Lover of all. Human. Drew Michael is a Chicago comedian who focuses on life from a dark, cerebral point of view. His ruminations on God, religion, Hitler, government, relationships, ex girlfriends, bestiality, pedophilia, life and death has -- in addition to making people violently angry -- prompted TimeOut Chicago to call him, "Smart, funny and unabashedly crass." Drew is a founding member of the comedy collective, Comedians You Should Know, whose weekly showcase is the best independent stand-up show in the city. The Onion AV Club echoed that sentiment: "The genuine quality of talent on display is unrivaled in Chicago." The group also released a self-titled album last year. Drew has performed at various comedy festivals, but doesn't care to list them as that would validate this fraudulent notion that they mean anything more than what they are. Already a staple on the Chicago scene, Drew is one of the hardest working, most unapologetically convicted comedians in the country. See him now, while you still can, before he is viciously murdered by an ex-girlfriend, an unruly audience member, or himself, when he comes to Drafthouse Comedy Theater in Washington DC.

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Drafthouse Comedy Theater 1100 13th Street NW Washington, DC 20005

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