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Blood Knot

Thu, Mar 30 - 4:00 pm

Regular Price: $20 - $60

Goldstar Price: $10 - $30

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Set in apartheid South Africa, two biracial brothers grapple with isolation and poverty. Directed by Joy Zinoman, this powerful, two-man play addresses race through familial ties. Brothers Zachariah and Morris live in a one-room shack and share a mother, but different fathers. Morris can pass for white, but dark-skinned Zachariah feels trapped in his job at a whites-only park. Together, they let their imaginations run wild with role-playing games they create within their constrained world. When they start a pen-pal relationship with a white girl, the games take a dangerous and bizarre twist. Don't miss this production at the Atlas Performing Arts Center in Washington, D.C.

Event Location

Atlas Performing Arts Center 1333 H St. NE Washington, DC 20002

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