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How to Hire the Right Commercial Painting Contractor

If you’ve been following the MB Jessee blog or have visited our website, you know that MB Jessee offers beautiful high-end residential painting services. You’ve seen our residential painting guide, you’ve read our predictions on the top residential painting colors for 2016, and you’ve viewed our beautiful residential painting portfoliosBut did you know MB Jessee also offers commercial painting services? Throughout our 25+ years in business, MB Jessee has worked on countless commercial painting projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. Today we want to highlight that work and tell you what it’s like to choose MB Jessee on your next commercial project.

Bringing the Quality of High-End Residential Painting to Your Commercial Project

Many commercial painting companies take a ‘get it done’ attitude with commercial projects. They bid low to win the job, then they try to get in and out quickly (without caring about quality) so they can move to the next project. You might have saved a few bucks, but the low quality conveys to customers, tenants and guests that you don’t really care about your establishment. That low quality can also cost you in the long run because you’ll be forking over more cash for touch ups in the near future.

MB Jessee takes a completely different approach to commercial projects. In each commercial project, we handle we want to bring the quality of our high-end residential services to the task. We know that this is your business – your pride and joy, your blood, sweat, and tears. Everything that the customers or residents see and experience is a reflection of your business – and it is our job to make that the best it can be.

When you choose MB Jessee for commercial projects, you get a dedicated, professional company that is committed to providing you the highest level services and the most stunning results. MB Jesse is not your average commercial painting company – we aim to deliver more.

Working with MB Jessee on Commercial Projects

Because MB Jessee is not your typical commercial painting company, commercial clients often wonder what it is like to work with MB Jessee on their next project. Here are some of the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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