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Willy ARQ presents:: LOUD & LOCAL

Fri, Mar 10 - 9:00 pm

Willy ARQ is a rising Hip-Hop artist from Minneapolis. Willy chooses to unmask the harsh stories of his life using wavy energetic beats in order to connect with people universally.

Willy ARQ (Answers Require Questions) is a multi talented artist, entertainer and playwright from Minneapolis, Minnesota

Born in Guinea, West Arica, Willy is the son of Nehwon and Alexander. His mother moved to the United States at the age of 18 shortly after having him, leaving his grandmother and family members to take care of him. A civil war broke out in Liberia, where Willy lived with his grandma, causing them to flee for their lives in hopes of seeing Nehwon another day.

Willy moved to the United States, at the age of six and has lived in Minnesota ever since. While on the plane to the U.S, Willy was introduced to Hip-Hop. Jamming and listening to Lil Bow Wow's "What's My Name" turned into performing on stages similar to the one Bow Wow C-walked all over. Rap music was so engrained in Willy's mind, that he spent his time during lunch from elementary to high school rapping over beats friends would make on the tables.

With the prospect of selling out stadiums and becoming a world known artist, Willy took to many stages to showcase his talent. Talent shows in middle school, rap battles with friends, recording on rock band mics, open mics in Europe, and headlining shows at various venues in Minneapolis prepared Willy for the focused and driven life as an artist.

Willy has done great feats ever since he started taking rapping seriously his freshman year of college when he released his project "J-Term". On his way out of college this fall, Willy plans to release his mixtape "How To Live" inspired by the life of his late friend Tray Blair. Willy uses Tray's life to encourage him to live freely and show the world how he lives, not the other way around.

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The Cabooze 917 Cedar Ave Minneapolis, MN 55404

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