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Thu, Mar 16 - 8:00 pm

Good morning:

I started a band called TYTE JEFF. The band is based in Minneapolis, MN.

The band features Matt Johnson (drums), Josh Syx (guitar), Tecon Johnson (piano) and Aaron Ripplinger (bass) and me, Jeff Allen (guitar).

I also made a record. It is an EP called the TYTE JEFF EP. It has 6 songs and will be “released” (so much as things are “released” in this day and age) in early 2014. In the meantime, SOMEONE has “LEAKED” a “track” off of this “jawn.” As soon as I find out who is responsible for this LEAK I will def deport them Snowden-stylez. Probably some HACKER TEEN. OOOOOOHOHOHOH I GET SO MAD AT THESE HACKERS YOU GUYS. Really chaps my hide.

Well, since the track is out in the wild now, I guess I will try to promote it. Please see the embedded link below that looks like a highly cool reflected mountainscape. When you click on the mountains the mountains will subsequently play the LEAKED TYTE JEFF track entitled “Loose Crowns.”

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Triple Rock Social Club 629 Cedar Ave S. Minneapolis, MN 55454

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