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The Bob Pat Band, Rampant Roots

Thu, Mar 02 - 9:30 pm

The Bob Pat band is a multi-genre band comprised of many talented musicians that share a love for creating great music. The genres they most identify with are;
Funkdifying, Baby-Making, with a splash of Classical. "The music is so diverse and unique it has built a genre of it’s own," said some guy, once.

The Bob Pat Band's core members include:
Bobby Patrick (vocals, guitar, kazoo, awkward dancing, car sleeping, drunken conversationalist)
Doug Christianson (percussion/drums, kong, Hungarian throat singing, fencing, and human resources),
Joe Scarpelino (Bass, vocals, spoons, corn husking, groupie relations, and, of course, pottery classes)

The band also has many guest artists that frequently join them on stage and in the studio. Including, Alex Steele, Max Graham, Scott Mullenberg, Gerri Garcia, Eldon Jon, and Stevy Wonder....

The band came together through the same common interest of just wanting more attention then everyone else.
Each band member's resume is so impressive, that it is not even worth mentioning.
Lets just say someone knows Billy Blanks.

In the short time the Bob Pat Band has been together, they've quickly acquired many dedicated fans that can all agree if, The Allman Brothers and Paul Simon were to have a baby; it would be one ugly baby.
The Bob Pat Band has also been compared to the likes of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Because they too own instruments and are Caucasian..

The band practice's humility, as much, as they practice playing music. "It's important to stay humble when you are being so awesome," says Bob Pat.

When the band isn't playing music or, involved with other awesome activities; they are often seen talking amongst themselves concerning socially relevant issues The band is anti-war and believes in world peace, and things of that nature. The band truly believes in being aware of the coolest social and environmental issues affecting the world. "Oh Yeah, these guys vote and recycle"

"We care a lot about

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Event Location

James Ballentine VFW 2916 Lyndale Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55408

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