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Outline In Color, Miss Fortune

Sat, May 13 - 7:00 pm

The building blocks that compose the origins of any band all consist of one common denominator; a passion for music. The Tulsa, Oklahoma based post-hardcore band, OUTLINE IN COLOR, share a unison sense of originality and a near obscure level of drive that simply sets them apart from the rest.
Forming from the reminiscence of several local bands in 2010, OUTLINE IN COLOR recalls never aspiring to sound similar to any specific band on the scene. “We just knew what sound we wanted and we created it,” said bassist Mike Skaggs. After several writing sessions OUTLINE IN COLOR’s first EP, Outline In Color, was self-released in October of 2010 and has since sold over 7,000 digital copies and is distributed world-wide (including Japan).
Though the release of their first EP was successful, the band knew one thing was missing: a finalized clean vocalist. After months of searching, the band saw a perfect fit in K.C. Simonsen. Without a doubt in his mind, Simenson left Berkley College of Music in Boston, MA, and officially joined the band in February of 2011. The group mutually felt it was time to start focusing on a debut LP and immediately began writing. Since the LP was going to be self-funded, OUTLINE IN COLOR collaboratively started a kickstarter project, which resulted in a portion of the LP being funded by their loyal fans.
Nearly two years later, OUTLINE IN COLOR is proud to announce Jury Of Wolves (out September 25th, 2012). The eleven song LP, produced by guitarist See Jay Cochran and mixed by Andrew Wade (A Day to Remember, The Word Alive), is what the band feels directly portrays who they are, not only as individuals, but as a collaborative group. “It is all of the people in our city and across the world who told us we couldn't do it and talked down to us or behind our backs. It is quite literally a call out. But it is simply us and the lyrics are our struggles,” said Skaggs.
With the release of Jury Of Wolves so close, OUTLINE IN COLOR is ready to prove themselv

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The Vanguard 222 North Main Street Tulsa, OK 74103

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