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Bass Race 2: Feat. Murder Palace

Fri, Jun 02 - 9:00 pm

Heinous Bass. Terrorizing Techno. Evocative Underground. Founded under Black White Blood in late 2014, MURDER PALACE is a collective of creators that fuse music, film, theater and gaming as one.

MURDER PALACE’s trio of artists have been carving out their signature sound — a brooding and mysterious energy intent on surfacing the listener’s deepest, most profound thoughts. Producers of high-end, polished, cinematic content, MURDER PALACE strives to be the best in creating an imaginative and immersive experience for their fans — both in the practical world and virtual world.

Fusing the best of different worlds into one, MURDER PALACE is an alternative reality home to three devious fictional characters — The Muse, The Passenger, and their leader, The Crown Killer — one cannot exist without the other.

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The Vanguard 222 North Main Street Tulsa, OK 74103

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