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Next Music from Tokyo vol 10

Sat, May 20 - 8:00 pm

Next Music from Tokyo (NMFT) is an annual tour that introduces Canadians to the most creative and skilled bands from Japan’s indie and underground music scene. The tour began in 2010 and brings a different group of Japanese bands to Canada each year. Tour organizer Steven Tanaka is a Toronto-based anesthesiologist who travels to Japan five to seven times a year, scouting the best possible line-up for each edition. With shows selling out yearly, NMFT is proof that music played with energy and passion transcends language barriers, and can be appreciated by audiences anywhere.

NMFT vol 10 will happen May 2017 in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. An all-star line-up with bigger name bands was initially planned for the special tenth edition; however, the organizer had a change of heart and decided to search for diamonds in the rough. NMFT has maintained an ideology of rewarding the creative but lesser known bands that are making great music and deserve an audience outside of Japan.

Hyacca is a band that is making a return to Canada after participating in NMFT3 six years ago.

In 2011, BlogTO named NMFT3 one of Toronto’s concerts of the year. Hyacca won over crowds in each city then and will generate many new fans with their eclectic and aggressive yet highly danceable brand of post-punk.

Last year heralded the first appearance of an idol group on the NMFT tour. Maison book girl was an unqualified success with their complex dance choreography and cool, sophisticated demeanor completely atypical of traditional Jpop idol groups. NMFT10 features another idol group known as Yukueshirezutsurezure (YSTZ) which translates to Not Secured, Loose Ends. YSTZ perform to music that combines screamo hardcore with EDM. To casual music fans YSTZ will seem similar to BABYMETAL but YSTZ’s persona and sound is much more earnest and sophisticated. Their live performances are also more soulful and incredibly intense.

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Lee's Palace. 529 Bloor St. West Toronto, ON M5S 1Y5

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