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Lora Ryan

Sun, May 14 - 7:00 pm

Singer/songwriter Lora Ryan is poised to make some noise in the independent music scene. Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, she recently relocated to the Hollywood of Canada: Toronto, Ontario.
Lora initially started her career in performing arts including hip-hop dance, acting, and musical theatre – all before graduating from high school. She studied at the Montreal School of Performing Arts in her teens but it wasn’t long before she realized her first passion is to write, record and perform her own material. She then made the switch to pursue singing with a private vocal coach at the Montreal Academy of Music for seven years.
The petite firecracker continued her post-secondary education at Vanier College (Montreal) in music studying voice, but opted for a more hands-on experience in the field instead. She quickly gained recognition for her talent and attracted help from a manager/publisher, and investors who helped her record her own 15-track Pop/Rock Debut album, Perfectly Imperfect (2012). The album was never released to the public but received industry-wide praise for its catchy hooks and relatable lyrics.
Lora spent an invaluable six years as a vocal coach/mentor at West Island Music Academy (WIMA), helping mould the talent of today’s youth. From vocal lessons to songwriting classes and how to work together in a rock band, Lora took pride in helping her students grow as artists and she was always a positive role model/influence.
Lora’s musical expertise enables her to develop and write for fellow artists in various genres (country, rock, indie, hip hop, acoustic, etc.).The vivacious blonde, who participated in two Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC) SongWorks pro writing camps in 2015, is actively writing/composing her upcoming EP.
Lora Ryan draws on personal experience to pen her lyrics, which can only be described as original and emotionally driven, sometimes angry, often angst-ridden, but always heartfelt and honest. “My world revolves around musi

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C'est What? 67 Front Street E. Toronto, ON M5E 1B5

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