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Professor Sweater / Niagara Moon / Jordan Lowe

Sun, Oct 08 - 8:00 pm

Seattle indie rock trio with syncopated rhythms, pocket grooves, and smooth melodies.

In the summer of 2011, Matt and Mikey were able to sift through the vast Seattle music scene to discover that each other’s musical styles resonated. After years of collaboration and a few projects under their belts, the duo established their own unique sound, merging elements of orchestral jazz, soul, and dance rock. Late summer of 2016, Scott (Sparrowhawk) decided to bring his expansive musical knowledge and talent to the Seattle music scene. Through word of mouth and the use of homing pigeons, these two musical journeys combined... Thus, Professor Sweater was manifested to bring soulful indie rock to the masses.

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High Dive Seattle 513 N 36th St. Seattle, WA 98103

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