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Hansel & Gretel

Sun, Mar 19 - 12:30 pm

Regular Price: $40 - $60

Goldstar Price: $30 - $45

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From breadcrumbs to candy and gingerbread houses, The Brothers Grimm have whipped up fairy tale's most delectable morsel in Hansel & Gretel. Now, Pacific Northwest Ballet presents a magical, hour-long production that brings the timeless story to new life at Seattle's McCaw Hall. When two young siblings stray from the path deep in a German forest, they happen to chance upon the irresistibly alluring sight of a gingerbread house made entirely of candy. But the witch who calls this confectionery-clad home has an unpleasant fate in mind for Hansel and Gretel, who must now find a way to outsmart her and return home before it's too late. Featuring students of the Pacific Northwest Ballet School, this vibrant production of Hansel & Gretel is sure to enchant audiences of all ages.

Event Location

McCaw Hall 321 Mercer Street Seattle, WA 98109

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