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Ghost Bath, Astronoid, Voidthrone

Tue, Apr 18 - 9:00 pm

Ghost Bath refers to the act of committing suicide by submerging one's self in a body of water. Ghost Bath writes and creates under the assumption that music is an extension of one's own soul. They journey through the sorrow and sadness that all lives experience, but leave a glimmer of hope. They portray both deep anguish and angelic soundscapes that are sure to leave an impression on the listener.

The band began in October of 2013 with the release of their self-titled EP on Solitude Productions (China). This was followed by their debut LP titled, "Funeral," which was released on Pest Productions (China) in June of 2014. "Moonlover," their latest LP was released originally on Northern Silence Productions (Germany) and is now being re-released through Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

"Our cowardice to succumb to the ultimate release of death in suicide leaves us ambling the paths of gravesites at night. And the reflection of the moon guides us so. Isolation, longing, darkness, the night, and coming to terms with an extreme form of introversion would best describe the ideas behind Moonlover.

This mixture of beauty and pain is something we've embraced since day one." - "Nameless"

Moonlover is the first part of a trilogy of albums we plan to release. It encompasses the human experience and dwells within the minds of those who walk the earth. It deals with a longing for death and an eventual journey to realize the death instinct, Thanatos. A sort of numb sadness drenches this albums tracks; melancholy, tragedy, and despair all take hold of Moonlover at any given moment. The album could be compared to Dante's Purgatorio, the middle ground of the spirit world. The moon also is of importance as the ruling celestial body of the night on earth. The perception of the moon comes at a time of isolation and solitude.

The bonus track, "Ascension," is a transitional point for both the band as an entity and musical direction of the albums to come. The title refers to a journey i

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Highline 210 Broadway Ave E Seattle, WA 98122

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