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Free: Timon of Athens

Wed, Jan 10 - 4:00 pm

Full Price: $34

Discount Price: FREE

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If Shakespeare's plays are any indication, the darkest parts of human nature have hardly budged an inch since the early 1600s. Take his brilliant, challenging takedown of wealth and friendship -- and their messy intersection -- in Timon of Athens, a richly poetic, seldom-performed satire set in Ancient Greece. When rich and powerful aristocrat Timon's generosity leads to financial ruin, he's quickly and unceremoniously kicked to the curb by his so-called friends (real classy, guys). A deep cut from the Shakespearean oeuvre, Timon of Athens is both venomous and heart-breaking, careening from absurd comedy to savage tragedy unlike any other Shakespeare play. This will be Seattle Shakespeare Company's first production, a rare opportunity to see one of the Bard's best live on stage at Center Theatre.

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Center Theatre 305 Harrison Street Seattle, WA 98109

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