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Free: Burbank Comedy Festival Audition Showcase

Thu, Nov 16 - 8:30 pm

Full Price: $15

Discount Price: FREE

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Twenty-five Seattle-area comedians are shaking off their nerves and warming up to step onto the stage at Laughs Comedy Club. Once they grab the mic, they'll each have three minutes to deliver their best material -- the kind of punchlines and out-of-the-box observations that elicit snorts and belly laughs. The two who make the audience crack up 'til they cry will nab a spot at this year's Burbank Comedy Festival. You'll get to pitch in your two cents on who makes it to the top; one of the comedians is selected by audience vote. Wield your power wisely and you could help to launch the career of the next big stand-up star.

Event Location

Laughs Comedy Club 5220 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, WA 98105

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