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Dry Powder

Sun, Mar 19 - 4:00 pm

Regular Price: $36 - $59

Goldstar Price: $18 - $29.50

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Wall Street investors have a bad enough reputation as it is, but when Rick, the president of a powerful private equity firm, throws a lavish engagement party right after presiding over a round of massive layoffs, he creates a public relations nightmare. Seth, another partner at the firm, comes up with a genius plan to beat the bad headlines: Invest big in an all-American luggage company to show that they're champions of the little guy. But Seth's rival Jenny wants to squeeze the company for all they're worth, even if it puts them out of business and makes their firm look worse. Dry Powder at the Seattle Rep takes a darkly humorous look at the clashing egos that shape our economy.

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Seattle Rep - Leo K. Theatre 155 Mercer Street Seattle, WA 98109

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