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The Cribs @ Chop Suey

Wed, Oct 11 - 8:00 pm

The seventh album by The Cribs is a bit of a paradox. It’s the quickest thing they’ve ever recorded, done and dusted in five days compared to a relatively leisurely seven for 2004’s self-titled debut, yet it’s also been six years in the making. It’s a release that’s going to surprise fans and it’s called – quite brilliantly – 24-7 Rock Star Shit.

The album’s origins lie back in 2011, when the three Jarman brothers were making In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull. After recording the bulk of …Brazen Bull with producer Dave Fridmann at his isolated Tarbox Road Studio in upstate New York, they flew straight to Chicago’s Electrical Audio, home to another unique producer, the venerated Steve Albini, of Shellac and In Utero fame.

There, over two cold November days, they stayed in the on-site dormitories, drank copious amounts of Albini’s trademark fluffy coffee and laid down four tracks for possible inclusion on …Brazen Bull, but which had such a spirit and sound of their own that they were laid aside for a rainy day. "We were really into the tracks, but they definitely had their own vibe - it didn't make sense to try and shoehorn them onto Brazen Bull," explains vocalist/bassist Gary Jarman. “Sometimes when we work with producers we’re pretty on their case, and that record was pretty involved,” says drummer Ross Jarman. “With Steve we just took a step back and let him do his thing. We just wanted to get his raw power down on record.”

When it came time for the next album, there was a plan to make two LPs to represent two distinct strands of their work: a pop record and a punk record, one polished and melodic, the other raw and underworked. Yet the former took precedence, and became 2015’s For All My Sisters. The punk album – hinted at in the press – instead became a thing of fan myth. “It’s what we often do in this band – we have the stripped back, lo-fi, in-your-face stuff, but there’s a side of us that has this affection for pop music,” says singer/guitarist Ryan

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The Crocodile 2200 2nd Ave Seattle, WA 98121

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