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Crazy Eyes

Sun, Mar 26 - 4:00 pm

One might have a variety of experiences at a Crazy Eyes show. You may receive a message from Extraterrestrial Spirits channeled through Matt. You may be struck in the face as Kellen's studded tuxedo jacket is flung from stage.

You may simply be curious about the 350-pound Yamaha CP-70 piano with its massive stage footprint hogging the center of the stage, especially at the type of diy venues and houses the band frequents on tour.

Any way you cut it, Crazy Eyes is something different. Started by primary song-writer/piano player G. Kellen Grace and guitarist Matt Leon in late 2012 in Seattle, Crazy Eyes has spent most of its existence on the road.

Crazy Eyes seeks to the essence of what it is to be not just punk, but to explore the struggles of what it is to try to make one's way through an already unstable, confusing, and dangerous world.

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Event Location

Chop Suey 1325 E Madison St Seattle, WA 98122

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