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Free: Adventures in Neverland

Sat, Mar 11 - 4:00 pm

Regular Price: $15

Goldstar Price: FREE

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When Peter Pan gets back to Neverland after spending some time away, he finds the whole place turned upside down -- Captain Hook has captured Tinkerbell and Tiger Lilly, turned the Lost Boys into pirates and renamed the island Pirateland! Peter has to save the day, but he can't rescue Tink, take back the island and defeat Captain Hook all on his own. The audience is a part of the action in this all-new interactive production, where you'll cheer for the good guys, boo the bad guys and sing and dance along as you're swept away to Neverland. Adventures in Neverland is a fun-filled one-hour theatrical experience at Santa Monica's Promenade Playhouse that's a blast for the whole family.

Event Location

Promenade Playhouse 1404 Third Street Promenade Santa Monica, CA 90401

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