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WasTED Talks

Fri, Mar 10 - 9:30 pm

Regular Price: $20

Goldstar Price: $10

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Drunk on power, drunk on adulation, drunk on acronyms -- TED speakers are never (that we know of) actually drunk on booze ... until now. If you've ever watched a TED Talk, one of the insanely popular online lectures covering technology, entertainment and design, and wondered how the distinguished speaker would perform while tanked on Old Grand-Dad and club soda, well wonder no more. Just like TED Talks except the speakers are wasted, WasTED Talks bring to the stage comedians, professors, doctors and other top professionals while they're at their best/worst. Keith D'Souza and Justin Gomes of Sylvan Productions host at PianoFight.

Event Location

PianoFight 144 Taylor Street San Francisco, CA 94102

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