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This Old Earthquake, plus TBA

Fri, Mar 31 - 9:00 pm

West of west, where the west never ends. This is the territory occupied by This Old Earthquake, an indie Americana rock band based in Bolinas, California, an eccentric small town on the coast of Marin County just north of San Francisco. Described as “West Marinicana” and “sophisticated back porch music”, influences range from roots artists like Gillian Welch and The Band to indie pop artists like Bon Iver and Iron and Wine. Their Americana pop sound is at times intimate and sparse, a pick against a string, a breath anticipates a lyric. At other times it can be rollicking and big enough to fill a barn.

“Spare, dark, elegant and contemporary…”
Dennis McNally, author and Grateful Dead historian.

“It is rare that I hear a band that I feel is truly original. This Old Earthquake is the golden exception. Part rock, part bluegrass, part folk, the Earthquake boys bring a northern coast flavor to a uniquely American sound that is a must for any music lover.”
James Redford, documentary filmmaker.

“One of the best albums I’ve heard in many many years…”
Paul “Pappy” Middleton, engineer Bonnie Raitt and Palmyra Studios.

This Old Earthquake is:
Steve Trivelpiece - Vocals, Guitars
Ethan Okamura - Vocals, Guitars
Taylor Cutcomb - Bass
Michael Pinkham - Drums

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Hotel Utah 500 4th Street San Francisco, CA 94107

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