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Mission CTRL: "Mr. Woke Swole Bae 2017

Fri, May 05 - 7:00 pm

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Woke: Politically aware. Swole: Fit and ripped. Bae: a sexy, emotionally sensitive young man. Now that you're hip to the latest lingo, you're ready for Mr. Woke Swole Bae, "San Francisco sketch legends" (LAist) Mission CTRL's second annual competition to name the wokest, swollest, baest bae of them all. Watch as three hunky contestants duke it out in a series of hilarious smackdowns at indie comedy hotspot PianoFight, then round out your night with an outrageous performance by "local vulgar folk trio" Bolinas Breeze.

Event Location

PianoFight 144 Taylor Street San Francisco, CA 94102

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