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Free: The Christians

Wed, Mar 01 - 7:00 pm

Regular Price: $45 - $60

Goldstar Price: FREE

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Lucas Hnath's drama The Christians focuses on Pastor Paul, the founding pastor of a mega-church who's suddenly hit with a crisis of faith. He feels compelled to lead his thousands-strong flock in a new and unexpected direction on its 20th anniversary -- one that directly conflicts with the former tenets of his ministry. When his motives are questioned, both his professional and personal relationships are put to the test. Backed by a live choir, The Christians is both epic and unexpectedly intimate. This provocative play now comes to San Francisco Playhouse, offering an unflinching look at faith -- of any denomination -- and its power to unite or divide.

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San Francisco Playhouse 450 Post Street San Francisco, CA 94102

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