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Sun, Oct 08 - 8:00 pm

It can be an easy path to seek comfort in the familiar and stay in the world of possibilities instead of striving for actualization.

For SHINEBRIGHT (formerly Shine Bright Baby), comprised of Emily Irene and husband Nathan, just the possibilities are no longer enough. With the launch of their sophomore album Only You,
they are definitely not settling.

“I want to spend my life dreaming big God-sized, God-given dreams, not my own,” says Emily. “And instead of holding onto those dreams so tightly like secrets, to start speaking life into them. It's easy to be scared of rejection and failure, but imagine what God may do in our committing to those dreams out loud, investing in them through prayer, and leaning on God and His promises.”

Never ones for empty words, Emily and Nathan have put their convictions into action. Since the
release of their 2013 debut album Dreamers, they have gone from four band members to two
and changed the band’s name from Shine Bright Baby to simply SHINEBRIGHT.

“The change in our name to SHINEBRIGHT from Shine Bright Baby gets to the heart of the message that we are meant to be lights in the darkness. Many of our friends refer to us as "shinebright" already, so it's a very natural transition. We love the name and are excited about that message leading this next season of our lives and music”

The band name isn’t the only reflection of the band’s maturation. Musically and spiritually, SHINEBRIGHT is entering a new era of songwriting, production, performance and ministry. “We see this phase and project as a natural progression ” Emily says. “I feel like my songwriting expresses the experiences in my own life more authentically than ever.”

“I definitely don’t see this album as a departure. It's more of a progression from where we’ve
been,” says Nathan. “We’re really coming into our own voice. Between the two of us, we have a really focused vision and are pretty much on the same page with things, especially with where

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Urban Lounge 241 South 500 East Salt Lake City, UT 84102

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