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Rejjee and Community Scene Partner to Make Communities Safer Nation-wide

Coast-to-coast property loss reporting platform is now available through community pages in all 50 states and most cities.

Boston-based start-up Rejjee, Inc. and Portland-based start-up Community Scene announce a strategic partnership to embed Rejjee's nation-wide property loss reporting system into Community Scene's nation-wide community sites. Personal property loss accounts for more than forty billion each year in the United States according to FBI statistics, yet less than seven percent of stolen goods are ever returned to the rightful owner. This integration enables all Community Scene users to access a single, standard electronic platform for reporting lost or stolen goods anytime, anywhere, from any device in real time, and receive discount offers the minute users realize a loss.

"When we looked at the impact personal property loss was having on neighborhoods and communities throughout the country, a partnership with Rejjee just made so much sense" says Rick Palmer, Founder and CEO of Community Scene. 

Lost or stolen items can be reported to Rejjee directly from Community Scene using an integrated web form: Rejjee's Mobile Blue also enables users to file a complete report through their phones the minute a loss is realized. The platform automatically emails the user a copy of their report that they can then forward to local police, keep as a record, or forward to their insurance company for filing a claim. Reports are securely logged on the Rejjee Law Enforcement Portal - which is accessible to all local and state police nation-wide - at no cost.

"This isn't just a personal issue," says Gary O'Neil, President and Founder of Rejjee, "it's a neighborhood and a national one. Who doesn't know at least one person who has been affected by property crime, whether it's a bike, a laptop, or maybe something more valuable?"

Limited report information is also published on a community map enabling parents, neighbors, and local police to track individual incidents or property crime trends, and includes a privacy-assured messaging system for reporting items found without divulging personal contact information.

About Community Scene

Community Scene connects people with their communities, clubs and organizations. Members can share updates, photos, and videos about activity that matters to them. They can schedule events, find local jobs, get help and stay informed with real-time notifications when updates are posted to their communities.

About Rejjee, Inc.

Rejjee has launched a Community-based Personal Property Protection portal. The company is creating the first, single nation-wide standard platform for reporting lost or stolen goods anytime, anywhere, from any device in real time - and receiving discount replacement offers within minutes of realizing a loss. It delivers unprecedented conversion results for consumer product companies and retailers through its patented Replacement Commerce model. Rejjee works with multiple channel partners in social media, law enforcement, and consumer products industries to reduce the financial burden or property loss. For press inquiries please contact or visit

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