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WHEM - The Horse-Eyed Men, Sidy Maiga, Avi Jacob

Thu, Nov 02 - 8:00 pm

The Horse­-Eyed Men are two brothers, Noah and Dylan Harley, who play original, disgruntled Americana and country. Raised by musical humans in a former candy store outside of Providence R.I., one or both of them have played for years throughout Europe and the U.S. under various monikers: The Cowboy Killers, The Rosewater Ladies, and most recently with the neo­diluvian klezmer outfit Tik Tok Laboratories. Their music mixes spaghetti ­western themes with cabaret, ragtime, and post­partum punk. Their latest album, Grave Country, was recorded in Copenhagen on a grant from the Danish Arts Council in the summer of 2013, and will come out in late May of this year.

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Columbus Theatre 270 Broadway Providence, RI 02903

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