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Feathers and Teeth

Sun, Mar 12 - 2:00 pm

Regular Price: $50

Goldstar Price: $25

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The latest hit to make the stage at Portland's Artists Repertory Theatre is an intriguing witches' brew of family drama and suspense thriller, with a generous bit of campy horror comedy stirred into the mix as well. Feathers and Teeth finds literal and figurative skeletons being uncovered in the home of a 13-year-old girl named Chris, who's now forced to face her greatest fear. But it's not the monster that may be living in their house that's giving her nightmares, it's a mystery-shrouded woman who's insinuated herself into Chris' once-idyllic family life. Playwright Charise Castro Smith has conjured up what looks to be the perfect live Halloween-themed treat.

Event Location

Artists Repertory Theatre - Morrison Stage 1515 SW Morrison St. Portland, OR 97205

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