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Newsmax" CEO Christopher Ruddy at Point Park University

Wed, Nov 08 - 7:00 pm

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If you could ask the president anything, what would it be? Trump's bestie is going to give you the deets on your dying-to-know questions about the Oval Office squad. Google Translate doesn't have a Donald option, but this Trump whisperer can give you insight on the commander in chief through the lens of their 20-year bromance. Grab a coffee at your local stop, reflect on the covfefe of 2017 and get your 411 on with unofficial White House advisor Christopher Ruddy. Whether you are team Fox News or team CNN, you can turn off the news notifications because with this talk and Q&A sesh you will get the news live and choose the story with the Newsmax CEO at Pittsburgh Playhouse's Rockwell Theatre of Point Park University.

Event Location

Pittsburgh Playhouse's Rockwell Theatre 222 Craft Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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