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Holmes and Watson

Fri, May 12 - 8:00 pm

Regular Price: $55 - $75

Goldstar Price: $55 - $75

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It's no mystery that Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson make one of the greatest detective duos of all time. And now, you can see Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's beloved literary characters embark on an exciting all-new adventure on stage in Holmes and Watson. Written by Jeffrey Hatcher (Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Suicide Club), this thrilling world premiere picks up right after the events of Holmes' death at Reichenbach Falls. Watson, who has been tasked with disproving the many false claims that Holmes is alive, finds himself at a mental asylum in a remote location, where three men are convinced that they are the late detective. Each one matches Holmes' physical description, but only one holds valuable information that only the true Sherlock Holmes could know. Watch the suspense unravel when Holmes and Watson come to the Herberger Theater Center in Phoenix.

Event Location

Herberger Theater Center - Center Stage 222 E. Monroe St. Phoenix, AZ 85004

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