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The Magnificent Seven

Sat, Jun 03 - 8:30 pm

The Magnificent Seven, a Nixon's Head Production

The Magnificent Seven is the one-night-only Clash cover band that Nixon’s Head has been kicking around since its formation 35 years ago. On Saturday, April 30, this dream becomes a reality, at The Boot & Saddle, supported by expert REM cover band Lower Wolves.

Nixon's Head pays honor to its favorite musical influence by applying their big booming sound to versions of songs from the Clash's first 4 albums. Yeah, we know there are more than 4 Clash albums, but not for Nixon's Head. With a lifetime of study and months of actual practice under our collective belt, the Head will play covers, nothing but covers, of Clash and 101ers songs. And nothing from Combat Rock. Death or Glory!

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The Boot & Saddle 1131 S. Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19147

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