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Sat, Jun 03 - 9:00 pm

Deadaires is a band born out of necessity. While all the members have impressive pedigrees, having cut their teeth in celebrated Florida punk acts like Against Me! and True North, Deadaires is an entirely different beast. It all began last year when having left Against Me! after twelve years, Andrew Seward (bass, keyboards, vocals) moved to St. Augustine, Florida, and started working at a music venue with Ryan Murphy (vocals, guitars). The duo casually talked about starting a recording project and recruited drummer and co-worker/visual artist Jeremy Rogers (drums/vocals) to fill things out. Jeremy has been an instrumental part of the St. Augustine punk scene for 15 years and has also played in countless bands. "I had pretty much stopped playing music when the three of us starting playing together for fun, but as soon as this project started it came together in a way where we got that tingly feeling like when you start dating someone," Seward says of the band's unexpected beginnings in 2015. "You start daydreaming, and daydreaming is a good thing when it comes to creating something you love."

Recorded during lunch breaks, weekends, and the occasional vacation day, Deadaires was tracked incrementally over an eight-month period at Seward's house on an eight-channel mixer, a refreshingly far cry from the major-label albums he'd made in the past. "The whole record was a freeing moment in the sense that we work so much that there wasn't time to make a professional record on a budget, so we made something that was more fueled by sporadic intensity," Seward explains. "This was the most unstressed album I've made since I was 16 years old making records in Alabama," he continues. "Everyone agreed on everything or we didn't go forward." That charismatic connection and collective collaboration is evident on songs like,"Constance Demario," a midtempo sing-along that recalls some of the best moments of D.C. post-hardcore, but played through the prism of the Gainesville punk t

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Everybody Hits 529 W Girard Ave Philadelphia, PA

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