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The 2nd Annual Philly Lit Spelling Bee

Sat, Jun 03 - 8:00 pm

The Philadelphia literary scene may be home to some of the most
perspicacious writers and publishers this side of the Delaware. But
can these wordsmiths actuallyspell perspicacious without the help of
auto-correct? Come to Johnny Brenda's on Saturday June 3rd to find out
as some of the finest literary organizations in Philadelphia duke it
out in the grammatically gladiatorial arena we nerds call a Spelling
Bee. At the end of the night, only one of our favorite Philly literary
organizations will be crowned the Majesties of Orthography.

This event is a fundraiser for the non-profit Philly indie-publisher
and writing workshop The Head & The Hand. But the winning literary
organization of the Spelling Bee will also win a cash prize to go
toward their great work. Aside from the spectacle, the event will be
hosted by the ever entertaining staff at H&H and will include raffle
prizes and general merriment. But no matter who takes home the crown
from the Spelling Bee, everyone is a winner by supporting good
literature in Philadelphia.

The Head & The Hand Press is a nonprofit, independent, craft
publishing company and writers' workshop based in Philadelphia.

We call it “craft” because we consider writers to be artisans, much
like a carpenter or a farmer. And just as a farmer is connected to the
crop from the seed to the harvest, we think that a writer should be
connected to the process of crafting a book from when the first word
is put on the page, to when the first book hits the shelf.

With business practices influenced by the work ethic of artisans, we
strive to work with authors, both aspiring and established, whose work
is not confined to a specific style or mindset. Our main goal is to
produce writing that shows a connection from the head to the hand by
publishing stories that have the power to change and entertain.

And with our Writers’ Workshop, we are also doing everything we can to
help maintain the long legacy of book publishin

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Event Location

Johnny Brenda's 1201 N. Frankford Ave Philadelphia, PA 19125

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