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Broad Comedy

Fri, Mar 24 - 9:30 pm

Regular Price: $25

Goldstar Price: $12.50

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Broad Comedy has been doing the funny, frank and feminist comedy thing since before anyone ever dreamed of Inside Amy Schumer or Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. For over 15 years, YouTube sensation Katie Goodman has taken her hilarious show everywhere from New York to L.A., Edinburgh to Vancouver, and beyond. Now the award-winning, all-women musical comedy and sketch troupe comes to The Triad. High-energy, progressive, political, feminist and funny, Broad Comedy is made up of four multitalented women who can do it all -- sing, dance and tackle issues like the right wing, abstinence-only education, soccer moms, various anatomical shenanigans, and things you should never discuss with your mother-in-law.

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The Triad 158 West 72nd Street New York City, NY 10023

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