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Eclectic Soul Showcase

Sun, Nov 26 - 6:00 pm

Artist Trump Tight has created an album that is ground breaking. His sophomore release scheduled for distribution in August is a unique blend of influences across many genres but centered around the world of hip-hop. On this album you will hear a little R & B, Gospel, Country, Pop, Rock, Jazz and many other genre influences. Taking 3 ½ years to complete, Trump Tight worked with many talented artists and musicians to bring about this unique and celebrated album. Dealing with topic such as race, politics, love of self and others, Eclectic Soul: I Just Make Music will make you think, dance, laugh, and genuinely appreciated true musicianship and creativity. But music is not all Eclectic Soul is about.
Eclectic Soul: I Just Make Music is more than an album, it is a movement. For too long society and the music industry has tried to place limitations on individuals and Eclectic Soul embodies change. Eclectic Soul is about embracing our differences and celebrating whatever makes you happy. No more labels, no more having to fit “in the box”, no more cultural expectations; just be yourself. As Trump Tight said in the title track interlude, “accept the fact that you are different. Accept the fact that you have Eclectic Soul”.
Look for the Eclectic Soul: I Just Make Music release August 13th, 2017

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Exit/In 2208 Elliston Place Nashville, TN 37203

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