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House of Horror Haunted Carnival

Thu, Oct 05 - 6:00 pm

Full Price: $15

Discount Price: $7.50

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Ah, Halloween -- that special time of year when we voluntarily submit ourselves to being terrorized by psycho clowns and homicidal mental patients. Sure, there's probably some primal psychological reason why we undergo this bizarre ritual, but who cares when it's just so much fun! There's one place in Miami that's doing their best to push every phobia button in your cranium: the House of Horror Haunted Carnival. Escape through the halls of an abandoned asylum that was overrun by the patients. Face your worst fears as they come to life in 3-D at the Gates of Phobia. Revel in the weirdness at the Freak Emporium's collection of the uncanny and horrifying. There's also plenty of carnival rides, attractions and, if you're not too terrified to eat, food.

Event Location

Miami International Mall - House of Horror Haunted Carnival 1455 NW 107th Avenue Doral, FL 33172

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