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Weird West Adams Crime Bus Tour

Sat, Aug 12 - 12:00 pm

Regular Price: $58

Goldstar Price: $29

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Esotouric Bus Adventures hosts a four-hour luxury coach tour of Weird West Adams, the grand swath of the city near downtown that was once the Beverly Hills of the early 20th century. The tour's ultra-informative and well-researched guides will take you through one of L.A.'s most graciously dilapidated neighborhoods, with wild and wacky tales of the various historical goings-on as you soak up the sights. You'll be treated to detailed descriptions of some of the most fascinating forgotten and sordid tales from the past hundred years, and visit landmarks like Alvarado Terrace, the Rosedale Cemetery and the death scene of Motown's Marvin Gaye.

Event Location

Esotouric Crime Bus - 3rd Avenue 2500 3rd Ave Los Angeles, CA 90018

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