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Wayne Williams

Sat, Mar 11 - 10:00 pm

In a Southside Chicago basement, beneath a naked red lightbulb, with vinyl stacked in milk crates, at age 14 Wayne Williams was inducted into a world where wheels spin and tables turn. The initiation began with his mother insisting that he accompany his sister to local house parties where her boyfriend was Deejaying. When the dating duo stole away to groove to a slow jam, Wayne was left the task of flipping records… and that he did! Intrigued by this newly found influence to insight an audience, infest a dance floor and infect a crowd, Wayne himself fell victim to an illness that would prove to be terminal… the music bug. With this virus coursing through his veins he ventured into various venues on the North-side of Chi-town’s night scene where he was exposed to the epidemic of ‘Disco’ and ‘Dance’. His virgin attempt at infusing this mutant sound into the bloodstream of his demographic was disastrous. Undaunted, he continued to experiment with these eclectic elements and soon patented a potent poison that would have his hood pulsating to rhythms from a place called House.

…A reception position at ‘Trax’, a local dance label provided a conduit of opportunity for Wayne to record his first track; ‘Undercover’ under the alias Dr. Derelict. With a keen ear and a finger on the pulse of the European club scene, Wayne’s selection and promotion of such mega-hits as; ‘Move Your Body’ and ‘No Way Back’, arrested the attention of Jive Records, a London based label. He was then offered a position of A&R representative and thus began his 14 year tenor at Jive and an illustrious career in music…and that’s no jive.

Citing the rich musical heritage of the Windy City and it’s tradition of talent, Williams negotiated with Clive Calder, former CEO of the label, to set up a studio as a base of operation. He then signed Mr. Lee (a local artist) and released the debut single ‘Get Busy’, which became the unofficial theme song of the ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’. Recruiting Hoola and K.

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Resident 428 S Hewitt Street Los Angeles, CA 90013

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