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Spain - Tuesday Night Residency

Tue, Mar 21 - 8:30 pm

Carolina is the sixth studio album from “Slowcore” progenitors Spain. The
album was recorded at producer/mixer Kenny Lyon’s apartment/studio at
the Gaylord Apartments in Koreatown. Drums were tracked at drummer
Danny Frankel’s house in Joshua Tree. Carolina will be released by
Glitterhouse Records in the U.K. and Europe, and by bandleader Josh
Haden’s Diamond Soul Recordings everywhere else in June 2016.
On the new album Josh provides acoustic guitar, bass and vocals and Lyon
performs on acoustic and electric guitars, lap steel, pedal steel, banjo,
keyboards, piano. Guests include his sister Petra Haden on violin and vocals
and Danny Frankel (K.D. Lang, Lou Reed) on drums and percussion.
The site of the recording, the Gaylord, is one of the most historic buildings
in Los Angeles. Haden’s father, the famed jazz bassist Charlie Haden, first
saw Ornette Coleman play at a club that used to be around the corner. Robert
Kennedy was killed at The Ambassador Hotel across the street.
Josh’s songwriting takes some unusual turns. “Tennessee” follows the story
of a homesteader in 1875 who settles down with his bride, their house and
land is stolen by a cattle baron, the cattle baron’s wife sleeps with the
homesteader, then the homesteader’s great-great-great-great grandson steals
the wife of the cattle baron’s great-great-great-great grandson and takes her
to the Missouri line in a Masarati. “One Last Look” was inspired by the
1968 Farmington Mine Disaster, the tragedy which prompted Congress to in
1969 revamp mining regulations and give miners more rights.
“Slowcore” progenitors Spain were founded in Los Angeles by Josh Haden
(son of the late groundbreaking jazz bassist Charlie Haden) in 1993. Their
debut album, The Blue Moods Of Spain, was released in 1995. The band
garnered a devoted cult following and they toured extensively in the U.S.,
Europe, and Australia. They performed on French TV, and opened for
Cocteau Twins during their final U.S. tour.

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The Love Song 450 Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90013

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