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Sophia Pfister

Sun, Mar 19 - 8:30 pm

Sophia Pfister's self titled EP is a bold debut musical project arranged and written by Sophia herself. commended Sophia for giving her EP the full audiophile treatment as 200 copies were pressed to vinyl and subsequently sold out.
On Sophia's most popular song, "Snakes" legendary trumpeter Steve Madiao returns for a second collaboration among other notable artists such as Greg Leisz whose steel pedal solo is featured on the 3rd track "New Mexico."
In Sophia's live show, a little goes a long way. Accompanied by bassist Mark Fontana (formerly of the Blue Hawaiians) and Victor Bornia on guitar, together they create a neo noir atmosphere while Sophia sings about love, loss and the bittersweet freedom of the American west coast.

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The Love Song 450 Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90013

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