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Paul Bergmann

Sat, May 06 - 5:00 pm

Paul Bergmann is a Los Angeles folk craftsman whose commanding compositions emerged from his own initial sense of musical isolation. Nestled in the rolling uplands of Western Massachusetts, Bergmann grew up in small-town seclusion, his sonic roots descending from his parent’s canon of Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, and Gordon Lightfoot.

With clean, true purpose and burnished artistic vision, Bergmann channels himself now into partnership with Fairfax Recordings. In his current creative efforts, he’ll tell you that he strives for honesty but not overexposure, vulnerability but not weakness, straightforwardness but not simplicity. He takes inspiration from the natural side of Los Angeles: the beach, the woods, and the outdoors – as well as a near constant stream of Neil Young’s On the Beach.

Fittingly, his two new singles (“Old Dream” and “Summer’s End”) were recorded in Fairfax’s “Studio A,” – the very same room where Neil Young himself tracked After the Gold Rush when the studio was known as Sound City. Produced by Kevin Augunas and Nick Waterhouse and featuring the legendary Jimmie Haskell on strings, the tracks are set to release in early 2015 with a full LP on the way.

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The Echo 1822 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, California 90026

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