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Man Builds Tiny House for the Neighbood Homeless Woman

In LA County alone there was 39,463 homeless in 2013.  One resident, Elvis Summers, in Los Angeles, took things into his own hands (literally) and built a Tiny House for a 60 year old homeless woman, Smokie.

Elvis knew he could give a homeless person something of greater value than cash, something that might otherwise be unattainable on their own.  Elvis took a liking to Smokie, who had been sleeping in the dirt on his street and would stop by his home asking for cans. 

One morning, Elvis read about a man who jumped on board with the Tiny House Movement and was helping make homes out of discarded material for the homeless. That’s when he was inspired to give Smokie a place of her own. As you can see in the time-lapse video he made, the $500 it cost to make the tiny home was way more valuable than cash.

Best of all? The cops in Elvis and Smokie’s neighborhood support the tiny home, just as long as they move it every 72 hours. 

Do you think this amazing idea could help put an end to homelessness in America?


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