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Lael Neale

Wed, May 03 - 8:00 pm

Lael Neale's music rests on the darker edges of folk. Though her voice warbles with vulnerability, her delivery is stoic and sometimes irreverent. The carefully crafted verses are melancholy, but laced with subtle humor. There is reassurance in the sadness, nothing more than wanting the undertow to pull you back into the water. To feel something, anything, as long as it's strong.

From the first lilting note, Lael draws you into melodies strung with loss, regret, light and wit. Her songs embody a fascination with our world of opposites; darkness & light, love & ambivalence, beauty & grotesqueness, motion & stillness.

The title of her debut studio album makes a bold declaration - I'll Be Your Man. I'll Be Your Man is a journey - Lael's journey, and though oftentimes melancholic, it is anything but a pit of hopeless desperation. Her live performances show the audience that this angelic apparition on stage has the inner strength to experience life at it's essence, and the courage to share that experience with the world. Lael Neale has the voice of a woman, but the power of her words will convince you that she may just be your man.

"A hazy mix of psychedelia, lo-fi production, and folk with just the right amount of edge… there's a vulnerability to Neale's voice that sucks us in to the dark side without us even knowing it." - Culture Collide

"[Lael's] emotionally-charged performance creates a hushed reverence" - Phil Lang,

"Neale writes deep and soul-baring folk music that has earned her appropriate comparisons to Angel Olsen and Sharon Van Etten with a hazy vocal quality that brings to mind Hope Sandoval." - Utne Magazine

"[Lael's] melodies are indelible, and her vocals are really interesting - they are light but on top of the melody: there are no jazz inflections, but there is something jazz about them [her voice] digs it's fingers in and punishes as it seduces" - Iman Lababedi, Rock NYC

"This record is a knockout and a wonderful listening experience; i

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Bootleg Theater - Bar Stage 2220 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90057

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