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Jefferson's Garden

Thu, Mar 23 - 8:00 pm

Regular Price: $50

Goldstar Price: $25

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What did our founding fathers envision for the future? They certainly couldn't have predicted all the ways our society would change. Amidst the backdrop of the United States' founding, a Quaker's desire to join the fight for freedom conflicts with his pacifist beliefs. When he falls in love with a freed slave, the contradictions inherent in "a nation conceived in liberty" are brought into harsh light. Jefferson's Garden is a timely exploration of our founders' intentions and how their compromises still echo today. Focusing on rich drama and philosophy over costumes or sets, the show is recorded live for later broadcast on national Public and Satellite Radio. See the play Financial Times called "a rich and generous drama about the elusive nature of freedom," at The James Bridges Theater in Los Angeles.

Event Location

The James Bridges Theater 235 Charles E. Young Drive Los Angeles, CA 90095

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