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Helios Dance Theater: "Minor Obsessions

Tue, Mar 07 - 7:00 pm

Regular Price: $30 - $75

Goldstar Price: $15 - $37.50

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Coming off a successful premiere at Sundance 2017, the Helios Dance Theater brings Heroes, an immersive piece created through a cutting-edge mix of augmented reality, film and virtual reality, to the Theatre at Ace Hotel, as part of a new suite entitled Minor Obsessions. This series of contemporary duets by the company's founder and artistic director Laura Gorenstein Miller explores how relationships reflect the tension between the urge to share and the need for privacy in today's tech-connected culture. Kick off the evening at the Upstairs Roof Bar where you can enjoy pop-up duet performances by the pool.

Event Location

The Theatre at Ace Hotel 929 S. Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90015

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