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Harley Cortez, Jeffertitti & the Entire Universe, Low Hum

Thu, Mar 16 - 9:00 pm

For the last few years Harley Cortez has been stuck in some capsule floating in the nucleus of his own mind. In that time we've entered a strange parallel universe and many of our musical guru's have descended, and we're left in a world where left is up, right is down, etc.

Meanwhile HC has spent the last two years focusing on film scoring, painting, traveling strange parts of the world studying musicology, and all the while managing to put time into his side project Halfbluud (on hiatus).

Feeling compelled to finally begin on the 'solo' album, HC settled down last year to channel his saints - Bowie, Brian Eno, Leonard Cohen, all come to mind. In the first tasting of the record, 'The Hours' is a catchy single obsessed with the idea of time. 'Adios Poeta no. 03' reveals HC's composition skills and gives of hint of Philip Glass / Yoshi Wada. 'The Following' is a take on the state of the world and how easy it is to be confused when we look to follow (leaders) or want to be followed (ala social media) - the sonic Spacemen 3 / BJM feel is aided with vocals by Sandi Denton (ex LSD and the Search for God, Tashaki Miyaki).

The full length album will be finished and released this year.

Always delivering a visceral and cathartic live show, HC has only a select few tour dates that are yet to emerge.

The Hours (Single) released on all streaming and media formats Friday February 2017.

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The Satellite 1717 Silverlake Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90027

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