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Flying Circus: Los Angeles

Sat, May 20 - 12:00 pm

It started, as most good things do, accidentally...An opportunity to throw a classic event popped up, which in turn gave us the opportunity invite all our friends (who we dont get to see because we are all going round the world in different directions mostly), to play be inspired by each other and to just get a little "hang time".

And that is why the parties are so well received wherever we do one, (and we dont do too many!!). Cause when we hang together...the mood is amplified...because we are all happier...just a liiiiiitle bit more than normal ;)

So Though this is obviously planned and organized by us and our amazing team (cause we always wanted to work in an environment like this, under circumstances like this) ,the reason why it works is simply because groups have more fun.....

i mean, look at Scooby Doo, The Stones, The Police, The Teletubbies.... they had a blast, right??!!!

On top of that, we generally seek the more spectacular, oppulent and nature-touched locations to hold our events....once again adding to the overall vibration.

And that , boys and girls , is essentially it!!

The more we enjoy, the more you enjoy, and then we enjoy it some more....then pingpong back to you again.....

for as long as it lasts...

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Event Location

The Container Yard 800 E 4th Street Los Angeles, CA 90013

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