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DUCKWRTH / KeithCharles Spacebar

Thu, Mar 23 - 8:30 pm

Bay area via South Central rapper, singer and visual artist Duckwrth, born Jared Lee, is more than ready to go to the next level with his recent album, I’M UUGLY. Released September 23rd, I’M UUGLY is a project that merges the most unique parts of Duckwrth’s talents to create a sound and visual palette that indicates he has not only grown as an artist but is well on his way to being a music icon and visionary for this generation.

With singles like GET UUGLY featuring, underground soul icon, Georgia Anne Muldrow to the catchy crossover tune RARE PANTHER+BEACH HOUSE, Duckwrth unveiled bits of what was destined to be the album that sets the tone for the entire release and undoubtedly his career as an artist. I’M UUGLY is juxtapose to the struggle and triumph surrounding his journey through creating this body of work. It paints struggle in a way that is lightheartedly serious and deeply enjoyable. Duckwrth’s goal of taking the listener on a journey everyone can connect with was accomplished so much so that Mass Appeal wrote “Los Angeles artist DUCKWRTH is the type of guy you want to be when you grow up.” The album begins with the fantasies of a young talent overcoming his distractive vices on songs like BLOW MY MIND and ends with the reality of the same young talent growing up in world where ugliness attempts to drown out the beauty every day on songs like 100 DAYS.

Duckwrth is far from new on the scene. He started developing a fan base by releasing mixtapes like Ducktape, Taxfree V1 and his 2015 collaboration with hip hop producer, The Kickdrums titled Nowhere. Duckwrth has always been unafraid to share the world as he sees it and not just through music but also with his incredible talent for visual expression. He IS the illustrator of all of the artwork accompanying the projects he has released in the last few years. Growing equally known in that space, has created dynamic visual and branding for artist like Hodgy Beats, T. Mills and IAMSU! to name a few. His

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Bootleg Theater 2220 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90057

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