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Chiwan Choi - The Yellow House Release Party

Wed, Mar 15 - 7:00 pm

The official release of Chiwan Choi's The Yellow House
published by the good people at Civil Coping Mechanisms.

featuring readings by the author

and hosted by

with audio provided by:

Word on the street about The Yellow House:

"Chiwan Choi is a Los Angeles-based poet whose family left South Korea when he was 5 and eventually arrived in the United States. “The Yellow House” is a wide-ranging, book-length poem that roams through time, touching on family history, identity, the disruption of emigration, urban life, the loss of an unborn child and much else. ...The poem(s) continually brings the reader to ordinary scenes that, by means of an understated musicality, take on symbolic significance."
-Matthew Zapruder, NY TIMES\

“The first time I heard Chiwan Choi read, I had no idea what to expect. By the time he was done a few minutes later, I was shaken, almost vibrating with the energy of his voice, his line. The poems in his latest, The Yellow House, show that this energy has only intensified over time. There’s a kind of low-key power to his writing that can be casually devastating—a naked, a cappella warbling that can rise, in an instant, to the ecstatic.”
— Charles Yu, author of How to Live Safely in a Science-Fictional Universe

“I have replaced god / with longing,” writes Chiwan Choi in his latest The Yellow House, a phrase that acts more as earthbound apotheosis of survival than it does as mere thesis. Here, Choi recasts the familial legacy of war and displacement, but also of joy and triumph, into a private spiritual kingdom, where “even after the city is destroyed” he writes, “I will touch you on the surface of everything.” This is poetry as preservation, as an unrelinquished archive of ghosts, but mostly, it arrives, to our luck, as a testament of a self earned and re-earned, like how yellowness, caught in its own dizzying light, turns itself golden.

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Resident 428 S Hewitt Street Los Angeles, CA 90013

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