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Bad With Money

Fri, Mar 03 - 9:30 pm

Regular Price: $35

Goldstar Price: $13.75 - $17.50

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Ben Rimalower (Patti Issues) suffers from an addiction that has driven him to extreme lengths all his life, and his one-man play Bad With Money examines his harrowing struggle with spending beyond his means. We're not just talking about eating ramen as a result of a costly limited edition sneaker fetish, or a penchant for luxury wares. Rimalower's journey has taken him through drug addiction, prostitution, fraud and multiple betrayals. In this gripping play-by-play of some his biggest mistakes and their consequences, he offers a no-holds-barred self-portrait of an addict. Find out just how Bad With Money Rimaflower really is when he returns to the Cavern Club Theatre at Casita Del Campo in Los Angeles.

Event Location

Cavern Club Theatre at Casita Del Campo 1920 Hyperion Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90027

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